SBU Navy Special Boat Unit Military Patches

SWCC, Special Boat Units, The Boat Guys, all names to remind you of the incredible training, hard work and dedication that each many aboard these special boat patches endures before they even step aboard these amazing crafts. With its roots dating back well on to the Second World War, as seen and more recognized in Hollywood movies like Apocalypse Now and fighting and defending and still doing pickup for SEAL teams, US Army Rangers and Delta Forces these crews know and understand what it takes to put it on the line each and every day. When a boat travels down river they are exposed on not just 1 side but two sides and to be in a position to handle an attack from two locations in a firefight is something these sailors are trained for. These boat guys are the top of the top and these SBU special boat unit military patches recognize their small but highly trained and incredible members.

SBU Special Boat Unit patches make an excellent part of your patch collection!